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Unconditional Forgiveness

Lessons on letting go to build better relationships. Full of practical advice to those previously hurt in relationships, read about one man's healing through forgiveness and how you can develop healthy relationships today.

Your Past Should Guide You, NOT Define You

This workshop deals with our propensity to focus on our past which ultimately prevents us from living out our purpose ultimately damaging relationships for generations.

Removing Roadblocks to Relationships

When it comes to relationships, we all bring baggage from our past relationships and experiences. This workshop challenges you to identify the point of pain that keep you from being your complete self in personal and professional relationships.

Mom, It Is Not Your Fault

A workshop for single mothers to help them deal with the challenges that often comes with raising children after a failed relationship.

To Forgive You Have to Forget

A workshop that demonstrates the power forgiveness can have on your life, relationships and ultimate happiness.

There’s No Love Without Forgiveness

A couples program that focuses on forgiveness and the true definition of unconditional love in healthy relationships.

Good Fathers Impact More Than Just Their Own Kids

A keynote that gives men a better understanding of the importance and impact of mentoring on the lives of young people.