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You gotta keep it moving

I am often asked, “how do you keep such a positive attitude in the midst of challenges?” I even had a manager once say that I didn’t seem engaged because of my calm demeanor and way of approaching challenges. Anyone that truly knows me understands that I am a very passionate and emotional person, but over my life I have learned not to let things out of my control drive me crazy.


Call it what you will, but I realized that I’m too blessed to be stressed. I focus on what I can impact and believe that the outcome will always be in my best interest.


In my business, I have challenged my team to the same mantra which we have coined as POPT – Power of Positive Thinking. With this guiding principle, we are able to focus on the positive outcomes and successes and not dwell on the negative situations and missed opportunities. We simply gotta keep it moving to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and for our business.


So how do you apply this to your life and relationships? Focus on what you can control. And to paraphrase what the faithful social change agent Gandhi said be the change that you want to see.


My dad and I often talk about the moment that changed our relationship forever. It was the moment that I told him that I forgave him. In this moment, I was the change that I wanted to see in our relationship and he focused on what he could control at that point… forgiving himself.


If you find yourself focusing on negativity and issues from your past, remember this analogy. There’s a reason your rearview mirror is small when compared to your windshield.


While you may have heard the analogy before, the point is relevant and worth repeating. Live your life proportionally. Focus on what’s ahead of you and only use your past as a reference and to make sure that you have truly moved past the obstacles that once hindered your path. If you focus too much on your past, you will run into another obstacle or miss your next turn toward your big opportunity! This is not just true on an individual level; it is a lesson that applies on so many levels.


In all things, you gotta keep it moving! Focus on what’s ahead and not behind you by living a life of unconditional forgiveness.

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