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Two Words ALL Men Hate – I’m Fine

Two Words ALL Men Hate - I'm Fine When a man asks his wife or girlfriend, “Honey what’s wrong with you?”, he already knows something is wrong. So women, why do you say “I’m fine” when we both know that’s not true? As men, we want peace and harmony in our home and we are…
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Looking for a Marriage that will not fail?

Looking for a Marriage that will not fail? With divorce rates near 50% and the rate of divorce for subsequent marriages even higher, you might wonder why even get married. Because the odds are seemingly stacked against successful marriages, people are looking for ways to ensure their marriage will not fail. Let’s face it… Marriage…
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3 Types of Relationships

3 Types of Relationships Throughout our lives, we will go through some traumatic events that test us mentally and spiritually. It could be a painful divorce that breaks up not just the couple, but their families and friends. It could also be the loss of a parent, spouse, child or any loved one to cancer,…
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Mama’s Boy

Mama's Boy I find it beautiful to watch the love a mother has for her son. That terrible monster can do absolutely no wrong in his mother’s eye. She nurtures him with plenty of hugs and kisses until he begs her to stop. She encourages him when he has a bad day at school. She…
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