Marketing Consulting

Are you looking for creative and proven ways to grow your personal brand and your business? Partner with Newbern Consulting to develop an actionable marketing strategy, including branding, social media and public relations campaigns. We will recommend sustainable and measurable processes in the action plan to enable you to achieve maximum growth.

A recognized leader in sales and marketing, Sedrik has developed and conducted over 500 workshops on marketing strategies and sales processes for over 2,500 business owners and leaders over the last 25 years. He has also consulted with over 1,000 small business owners on marketing strategy, processes and measurement. His success as a small business owner and consultant has been driven by his ability to develop local value-added added advertising and sponsorships with integrated social media and public relations campaigns to create sales opportunities.

Newbern Consulting has developed a unique approach to support small businesses with limited resources to invest in sales and marketing processes and tactics. When you partner with Newbern Consulting for sales and marketing consulting, your business will be supported by professionally trained young adults with both the hard and soft skills needed for success. In turn, your business will support the growth and development of these young adults by providing much needed mentoring and job skills. Ultimately, your business will be positively impacting the growth of your local community by investing in young adults.

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Marketing Workshops

A program for business owners to maximize their online presence and social media to better engage with their customers and community.

This workshop focuses on the overall customer experience by reinventing your relationships with vendors, employees and the community.

This workshop will provide you with the tools you need to develop an interdependent sales and marketing plan that drives results for your business.

 An interactive program designed to provide tools to business leaders for evaluating their marketing investments.