Workshops & Keynote Seminars

Workshops & Keynote Seminars

Black Achievers Keynote SpeakerA recognized leader in career and relationship coaching, Sedrik has developed and conducted hundreds of workshops and motivational keynotes on relationships, healing and restoration.

Sedrik’s workshops and seminars are interactive, thought provoking and life changing. He uses real life examples and hands-on activities sprinkled with a bit of humor in his seminars and keynotes to engage participants. This ensures they leave with applicable ideas and action plans that are memorable and easy to implement.

Sedrik’s keynote presentations are moving and inspirational. If you expect an audience of 50 or 5,000, each person will experience a connection with Sedrik as he delivers a powerful message that will change the hearts and minds of those in attendance.



This workshop deals with our propensity to focus on our past which ultimately prevents us from living out our purpose ultimately damaging relationships for generations.

When it comes to relationships, we all bring baggage from our past relationships and experiences. This workshop challenges you to identify the point of pain that keep you from being your complete self in personal and professional relationships.

A workshop for single mothers to help them deal with the challenges that often comes with raising children after a failed relationship.

A workshop that demonstrates the power forgiveness can have on your life, relationships and ultimate happiness.