Life coach Sedrik Newbern helping you to recreate relationshipsSedrik R. Newbern is a nationally renowned Amazon best-selling author, small business marketing consultant, and a John Maxwell Certified Life Coach, Trainer and Speaker specializing in recreating relationships.


As a way of impacting others and share the knowledge he has gained from life and business, Sedrik has authored several books on relationships and marketing. In addition, he launched One11 Publishing, a boutique publishing company to provide authors with an affordable way to publish their work to inspire others.


Are you looking for an engaging speaker to inspire your audience or organization? Sedrik’s workshops and seminars are interactive, thought provoking and life changing. He uses real life examples and hands-on activities sprinkled with a bit of humor in his seminars and keynotes to engage participants. This ensures they leave with applicable ideas and action plans that are memorable and easy to implement.

Life Coach

Are you are struggling to find your purpose? Do you want to go from career professional to entrepreneur? Having trouble getting the best out of your team? Need an accountability partner that has been where you are and willing to walk with you on your journey? Are you finding your professional life is taking a priority over your personal life and relationship and need to find ways to effectively balance and be happy? Then you have found the best resource to address your challenges.

Years of experience have taught Sedrik that personal and business difficulties always stem from relationships that are stuck, burdened and unworkable. Sedrik has an innate ability as a life coach for identifying what isn’t working and revealing it so that relationships can be recreated into something that is life-giving and empowering.


After 20 years in key sales and marketing roles for non-profits and a Fortune 100 company, Sedrik launched Newbern Consulting, LLC to provide sales and marketing consulting to small business owners to help them launch and grow their business. As a small business owner himself, he can provide insight and access to resources thanks to his large network of professionals and business owners, he personally knows, likes and trusts.

When Sedrik shows up, businesses are transformed into workable, productive alliances that produce measurable results for individuals and business people.

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