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How To Defeat Fear

How To Defeat Fear This idea will never work. I will never be successful. I always fail or come up short. My dreams never come true. Something always happens to throw me off my game. Have you ever had these conversations with yourself? Do you find yourself filled with doubt as you enter challenging situations?…
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Men Are Too Different

Men Are Too Different Women often say men are too indifferent. They want the men in their lives to talk more and share what’s on their minds. However, some men just don’t speak up and share what’s on their mind when it comes to relationships, parenting or even plans for dinner. Men tend to…
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To Overcome You Have To Let Go

To Overcome You Have To Let Go On a recent trip to Atlanta with my family, we decided to spend a day at the Andretti Experience playing video games and riding go-karts. It was the perfect day for a seven year old kid and the kid in his dad. Then just as we were…
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