Eliminate Fees for Extra Baggage

Eliminate Fees for Extra Baggage

I think the airline industry has truly capitalized on our inability to pack light and only take the essentials on our journey. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of packing too much because you never know what you might need while you’re away. As hard as I try to fit everything into just one bag, I soon realize my luggage is overweight and difficult to close. I have no choice but to move some of my clothes into another bag, and yes, fill this additional bag with a few extra items that initially didn’t make the cut. Depending on the airline I’m traveling, this could cost me an additional $25 – $35 per bag.

This entire experience reminds me of how so many of us deal with the impact of our past relationships. Over the years, we collect both good and bad memories from each of our relationships and we pack them into our hearts. At some point, the memories become overwhelming for us and we can no longer close them up in our heart securely. Instead of unpacking, we pick up another piece of luggage to hold all of our stuff. This happens over the course of many years and the bags begin adding up. Now the bags in our life are overwhelming and difficult for us to carry. Even though we have sincere offers to help us with our bags, we decline their offers determined to manage our baggage by ourselves.

Now imagine if your boyfriend or girlfriend decided to no longer offer to help you unpack and carry your bags. What if they want more for you than you want for yourself? What if their actions only remind you of negative experiences you’ve been carrying around with you for 15 years? What if boyfriends charged you for extra baggage like the airlines? Could you afford the extra fees?

I believe that we have all of the essentials we need for our Journey 2 Forgiveness inside of us… we were born with them. Our problem is that we pack so many other issues in our hearts that the essentials are covered up and not available for use when we need them as adults.

It’s time that you finally Let it Go and Move On once and for all! Join the Journey 2 Forgiveness by visiting UnconditionalForgiveness.com to get your copy of the book Unconditional Forgiveness – Lessons On Letting Go to Build Better Relationships. If you are looking for a keynote speaker or workshop leader to inspire your organization, contact me through the website – sedriknewbern.com.

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