Focus On What’s Ahead

Focus On What's Ahead

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of your car. Instead of looking through the windshield, you focus on the rearview mirror as you drive most of the way. People, not just car safety experts, would say this is not a very safe or effective way to operate a vehicle. Aside from the obvious danger this presents the driver and other passengers on the road, focusing on the rearview mirror will cause you to run up on obstacles, miss your next turn and ultimately delay you on your journey.

If this is true behind the wheel, then why do so many of us go through life focused on the rearview mirrors of our lives? Instead of looking out on the horizon and dreaming of what’s next, we keep looking back at our past. We miss opportunities to avoid obstacles and challenges, because we are blinded by what happened to us. The rearview mirror of our life should only be used to remind us of how far we have come and to make sure that we have moved beyond the things we have left behind.

There’s a reason the rearview mirror is only a fraction of the windshield size. You should live your life in the same proportion. You can’t spend 90% of your time looking out your review mirror. The life ahead of you is much bigger than your past, but you have to first focus on what’s ahead.

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