How I found LOVE

How I found LOVE

LOVE is definitely in the air. However, for some, LOVE seems like just a dream, a fantasy. I felt this way after my divorce. I thought it was impossible to be in LOVE and happy. That is until a conversation that changed my life forever.

Let’s just say that I was in a very bad place in life and felt very alone. I had sworn off marriage. I didn’t believe that a happy, long-lasting marriage was possible because of my experience and what I have seen others go through. I had resolved to be a bachelor for life. My family and friends didn’t understand what I was going through and a few even distanced themselves from me at a time I needed them the most.

However, I had one very special friend. She listened to me and saw past my pain. She helped me find my confidence and happiness again. She taught me that it was possible to believe in LOVE one day in the park while we were having a heart-to-heart conversation about life and relationships.

She had also gone through a painful divorce. However, in spite of what she had gone through, she told me that she still believed in LOVE and that one day she would get married again.

How is this possible? Why does she still believe in LOVE after divorce? I had so many questions for her and she had one simple answer… “I’m a good person and I deserve happiness.” It was in this moment, that I realized the real meaning of LOVE – Letting go of the past, Owning my happiness, beingVulnerable with appropriate boundaries, and the ability to Evolve.

I’m happy to say that I will soon celebrate a 10 year wedding anniversary with my special friend. Because she believed in LOVE, she brought LOVE out of me!

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