Just Follow The Directions

Just Follow The Directions

Do you study the directions thoroughly before starting a project or leaving on a journey? Or do you simply dump all the parts on the floor and look at the pictures with the expectation that you can figure it out? Or better yet, do you just simply pull off with no idea how to get where you’re going but excited about the adventure assuming that you will find you way?

When it comes to life, parenting and relationships, things are not as simple as putting together furniture from IKEA. Even though the pictures of happiness and love shown by others seem easy to create, you will find that without directions there will inevitably be missing parts and things will not work properly even if it looks like the picture. Not to mention, that if you set out on a journey without a defined course of where you want to end up, you will find yourself lost because of the many wrong turns you’ll make if you don’t have a clear roadmap for your future.

So many of us ignore the directions and only refer to them once we find that things are not working or when we finally realize that we are lost. My challenge to you is to read the directions first. Do your research on being a great spouse and parent just as you read books and take courses to excel in your career. Invest in yourself by hiring a coach (I know one that is awesome by the way), finding a counselor or therapist, joining a bible study group and attending marriage and parenting retreats. This will give you the direction you need to be successful both personally and professionally just as they have for me.

Instead of pulling your hair out and threatening to destroy or throw things away, try reading the directions first to make sure you know where you’re going, what you need to do to make things work properly and avoid the need to start all over again.

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