Looking for a Marriage that will not fail?

Looking for a Marriage that will not fail?

With divorce rates near 50% and the rate of divorce for subsequent marriages even higher, you might wonder why even get married. Because the odds are seemingly stacked against successful marriages, people are looking for ways to ensure their marriage will not fail.

Let’s face it… Marriage is not easy! Trying to get two people from different backgrounds to compromise and communicate so they can remain on the same page is difficult, especially when you consider the baggage we all bring into our relationships. The baggage comes in all forms whether it’s preconceived expectations of our spouse, lack of trust as a result of previous failed relationships or dysfunctional relationships in our family that have tainted our views of relationships. This baggage can often be passed from generation to generation if we are not willing to unpack.

What if you could marry a person that truly loves you unconditionally? What if you could marry a person that accepts and loves you in spite of your flaws, your past and your shortcomings? What if you could marry someone that is willing to be with you no matter what you are going through and refuses to leave you no matter what happens? What if you could marry someone that will always forgive you regardless of what you’ve done wrong?

This would absolutely be the ideal spouse for almost everyone (some people are just never satisfied unfortunately). A spouse like this probably seems impossible to find. What if I told you that you’ve already found them?

If you want a marriage that will not end in divorce, then I suggest that you marry yourself. Once you commit to self-love, you will find the unconditional love you have longed for. You can also break the cycles of failed relationships because you will raise your standards and find someone worth the effort needed to make a relationship work. This does not mean that you and the person you eventually marry are not going to be broken. It simply means that you will love yourself enough not to be broken anymore.

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