Mama’s Boy

Mama's Boy

I find it beautiful to watch the love a mother has for her son. That terrible monster can do absolutely no wrong in his mother’s eye. She nurtures him with plenty of hugs and kisses until he begs her to stop. She encourages him when he has a bad day at school. She cheers for him and never misses a game even if he never gets a chance to play or score. She also forgives him unconditionally when he mistreats and disrespects her with his words and actions. She’s the mom of pure love and second chances… Then he grows up!

This same young man that was showered with affection, support and forgiveness now enters the real world to find there’s nothing like a mother’s love. He searches for a woman that will love him unconditionally but it’s just not there. He wants to love a woman the way he loves his own mother but has a problem finding a woman that deserves this kind of love. He wants to make a family with a woman with these qualities because he wants his children to enjoy their childhood in the way he did but that’s just not possible. Or is it?

I often tell my wife that I’m a five year old in forty-two year old body. Yes, I’m definitely a child at heart but beyond that I’m talking about my emotional needs. As a man, we want to be nurtured like we were as little boys. We want the opportunity to grow and make mistakes without the fear of being confronted with those failures as just another example of how we don’t live up to someone’s standard. We want a safe place to come home to when the world has mistreated us all day. After keeping a strong spirit all day, we want to be able to come home and let that go with someone that will not judge but instead support us and be our biggest fan.

Women, think back to a time that your guy was being real with you about his feelings. How did you react? Did you tell him to suck it up and be a man? Did you show him that you were shocked that something so insignificant really hurt him? Now, think about this. How many times after that experience did your guy open up to you about his feelings? My guess is that he only limited his displays of pure emotion to deaths and the more devastating life events.

Now imagine how your relationship would be if you nurtured that man during his weak and vulnerable moment. How would things be now if you had encouraged him to get through this rough patch by telling him that he is a strong man with talents and purpose beyond his own imagination? Where would he be mentally and spiritually in the relationship if you showed him truly, unconditional forgiveness?

Always remember that all men were at one time a five year old boy longing for the attention, affection and support of their mom. Just because we want that today at forty-two doesn’t make us a Momma’s Boy. It makes us men with a strong foundation built on love.

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