Nothing Compares To Mom

Nothing Compares To Mom

I know this is not news to any of you. Mothers are truly the backbone of the world. They carry and protect us from conception. They are the first person to fall in love with us and show us what unconditional love should be. They love us before they ever set eyes on us. As we grow, their love for us grows even more. They see potential in us even when we don’t see it in ourselves. They pick us up and dust off the scratches when we fall. They carry us on their shoulders for our accomplishments.

I’m blessed to have an amazing mother. Her strength and love for others has always been an inspiration to me. I watched my mom dedicate her time and energy to helping others in need even when she was truly in need herself.

As a single mom, she struggled to feed, clothe and support me as a child, but she still gave her time to the community through the church and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. For many years, I thought this was what everybody’s mom did on the weekends!

My mom also shares her love with my friends and other young people she encounters. Working as a child psychologist at Meharry Medical College and now as a college professor at Tennessee State University, she understands that many young people simply need compassion and someone that will listen and help them sort through their challenges. I have good friends and constantly meet young people that call my mom their mom too! I guess you can say that as an only child I learned that my mom’s love was so great that I had to share it with others. Now as I watch my mom with my son, I remember the talks with her as a child and the days driving all over Nashville with her (in our little raggedy car that stayed in the shop) as she built the foundation of loving others in my spirit.

Now I feel even more blessed because I have married a woman that is just as amazing as my mom. She constantly pours unconditional love, support and encouragement into our son. When I see him look at mommy and smile, I know exactly what he’s feeling inside… I have to be the luckiest kid on the planet!

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Sedrik R. Newbern is a highly sought after relationship coach, motivational speaker and author of Unconditional Forgiveness – Lessons on Letting Go to Build Better Relationships. If you are looking for a keynote speaker or workshop leader to inspire your group, contact Sedrik by email at or through his website

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