How Did I Let This Happen Again?

You’ve just ended another relationship. After devoting years of your life, it just didn’t work. Although you had reservations going into the relationship, you thought things would change. You prayed things would change. You believed that you could make this relationship work. In the end, it just didn’t work! Who’s to blame? What could you have done differently? Why didn’t things change? When will you stop picking the wrong one over and over and over again? Does any of this sound familiar? Do you feel you are stuck in the hamster wheel of failed relationships? If your answer is “Yes”, I encourage you to spend the next 15 minutes reading this entire book. It will set you on a course of healing and restoration, plus give you the tools you need to finally end the cycle of failed relationships. For these concepts to work and make a difference in your life, it will require you to change your mindset. Your belief systems and expectations will be challenged. Your perspective on relationships will be flipped upside down.