TIME for Fourth Quarter

TIME for Fourth Quarter

This is it! The 4th Quarter is starting. The game isn’t over yet! Whatever is left in your tank, now is theTIME to leave it all on the field to make sure that you close out this quarter strong with a huge win.

Teamwork matters

Utilize every player on your team to win and not just your star players. Everyone wants to win and they each play a role in the success of your team. Each player on your team can help if you let them contribute.

Initiate contact

When the competition quits and runs out of juice, you will win when you keep pushing through. Now it’s all about the fundamentals. Blocking and tackling are critical. The key is that you have to initiate contact like never before. Make consistent contact to get out in front of the competition and wear them down.

Manage the clock

The fourth quarter is crunch time and every minute counts. How you manage your time in this quarter will determine your ultimate success. Use what you learned in the first three quarters to guide your steps to victory. At this point, you should know clearly what works and what doesn’t so get laser-focused to drive the results you want.

Execute the game plan

It always boils down to execution. When you are trying to close out the fourth quarter strong, you have to execute with precision. You have your key plays and processes that deliver successful results, so now you simply need to work your plan to win.

TIME is of the essence now so make every second count!


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