To Overcome You Have To Let Go

To Overcome You Have To Let Go

On a recent trip to Atlanta with my family, we decided to spend a day at the Andretti Experience playing video games and riding go-karts. It was the perfect day for a seven year old kid and the kid in his dad. Then just as we were about to jump in the go-karts, my son got scared and started yelling, “I can’t do it! I can’t do it dad!” I’m not sure where the fear came from and frankly we had to get past this because dad really wanted to drive the go-karts. I encouraged my son by saying that he would be fine and there was nothing to worry about. I told him these go-karts were just a slightly bigger version of his small razor go-kart at home that he handles with ease. He finally got up the courage and jumped behind the wheel. In the end, he was my biggest competition on the course.

Fear can keep you from having some of the best experiences of your life. The story doesn’t end here. The next adventure was conquering the zip line that was suspended over the tracks across the entire length of the building. This time it was not my son that needed encouraging… it was dad who is not too fond of heights. As we waited our turn to get suited up, I’m watching others trying to calculate the height, speed and velocity. As we climb the stairs to the launch point, I can feel my heartbeat increasing in intensity. I can’t flake out on this after giving my son the best pep talk on overcoming your fears.

It’s great to have mentors and a support system that will encourage you and show you by example. As I watch my son getting hook to the line and leap off the platform with the biggest smile on his face I saw in him pure freedom and excitement. Then my wife took off down the line screaming and laughing at the same time filling my heart with joy that I was experiencing such a fun day with them. Next up was our aunt (who is more like a big sister to my wife). Again, I saw on her face pure joy, but my heart was pounding so hard that I knew the kid behind me could hear it.

Now it’s my turn. I stepped up to get hooked to the line and the guide mumbled something and I felt a nudge in my back. I braced myself so that I wouldn’t launch until I knew for sure what his final instruction was for me. Upon repeating himself, he gave me a more forceful push and over the ledge I went. Now I’m gliding through the air 30 feet above speeding go-karts with just the support of a tightly secured harness attached to a wire.

As you climb to new levels in life, you have greater fears to face like falling and failing. That’s when it hit me. I could succumb to my fears and panic with absolutely no way to get off the ride until it was over. Or I could embrace the moment and feel the same excitement and joy that my son, wife and aunt enjoyed. It was then that I yelled and began to laugh as my body began to spin around on the wire. At first I thought I would feel safer if I could see the endpoint, but now I was facing back toward the launch pad. Now I could see the entire room enjoy the cool breeze from the wind thanks to the velocity of my aerodynamic body quickly gliding across the facility.

Often we need a nudge to get us over the edge to ultimately face our fears. Then in a flash, I came to a stop. The zip line was over and I actually wanted to keep going. When I came down the steps I couldn’t help but notice the big grin on my son’s face. He ran up to me, gave me a big hug and said, “Dad I knew you could do it!” That was a proud moment for me.

Here’s what I learned from this adventure:

  • Once we let go and embrace the experience, we begin to see things from a perspective we would have never seen.
  • Every mentor needs coaching and encouragement too.
  • I have the best son in the world!

About the Author

Sedrik R. Newbern is President of Newbern Consulting Group LLC, President of Phoenix Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. and author of Unconditional Forgiveness – Lessons on Letting Go to Build Better Relationships. He is a highly sought after motivational speaker, coach, consultant and workshop facilitator. If you are looking for a keynote speaker or workshop leader to inspire your group, contact Sedrik by email at Sedrik(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or through his website

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